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Leather jackets have a long, long history that dates back to the early 90s when military pilots wore them so that they could stay warm in chilly weather. But with the passage of time, people started wearing these jackets, especially after seeing these jackets in Hollywood films. Leather jackets for men and women are not just a fashion but also provide tremendous and exceptional weather protection against rain, wind, and cold. If you keep these jackets, keep them with appropriate maintenance; they have a vast lifespan and care.

Leather jackets are iconic pieces that bring an air of timelessness and coolness to any wardrobe, whether men’s or women’s. While the essence of leather jackets in men and women is the same, there are specific differences between women’s and men’s styles. Contact us to get the best jackets, as we provide leather jackets for men and women in the UK and USA. This blog will discuss the differences between women’s and men’s fashion in leather jackets.

How can you identify a woman’s jacket from a man’s jacket?

If you want to identify which jacket is for women and which is for men, you should look for some specific things. Women’s leather jackets are mostly more tapered and fitted at the waist, but men’s leather jackets have a boxier fit or broader shoulder.

Length and hemlines

The size of a leather jacket also impacts its overall look. Men’s jackets are more extended and often reach the mid-thigh or hips, emphasizing the rugged or classic appeal. But if we talk about women’s leather jackets, they vary in length with different options that range from cropped styles for a trendy look to more extended designs that provide versatility in styling.

Collar styles

Collar styles play a huge role in defining the character of a leather jacket. Men’s jackets have mostly more significant and more prominent collars like bomber or biker styles. Still, if we talk about women’s jackets, they include a variety of color options that range from oversized labels to more intricate and delicate designs.


Different leather jackets including sheepskin, cowhide, lambskin, goatskin, and Buffalo hide, are used to make leather jackets. Sheepskin leather is usually soft and lightweight, but cowhide leather is famous for its durability and hardness. The food talks about gold skin; this leather is water-resistant and robust, but lambskin leather jackets are abundant and flexible. Wanted, the Buffalo skin leather jackets are thick and strong, which provides good defense against different weather conditions. Trends Fort provides other leather jacket options like cowhide leather jackets for both men and women, sheepskin leather jackets for both men and women, and goatskin leather jackets for both men and women.

The quality of the leather is greatly affected by the tanning process with full-grain leather, which is the finest caliber. The type of animal hide used can also impact the leather quality as younger animals generate more supple and softer leather. The polishing, dying, and embossing steps make the finishing process more impactful. Another jacket lasts the longest time if you give proper care, like routine cleaning and conditioning, to your coat. All these leather types are used for both men and women. There is no difference in the material which is used for their jackets.

Color palette

While both men’s and women’s leather jackets are available in many colors, one can have their specific preferences. Only men’s leather jackets come in classic shades like brown, black, and dark hues, reflecting a more timeless and subdued approach. On the other hand, women’s leather jackets explore a broader color palette that includes vibrant tones, pastels, and even metallic finishes so that they can touch a sense of glamour.

Sizing and fit

As we know, men usually have broader shoulders than women, so their jackets are designed according to them. If we talk about women’s jackets, they are designed to provide a more fitted and tailored look that caters to the curves of the female form.

In the world of leather jackets, both women have the chance to express their different style sensibilities. Understanding the subtle differences in detailing silhouettes and overall design will allow you to make informed decisions that will resonate according to your style. Whether the tailored and chic elegance of women’s leather jackets or the rugged simplicity of men’s leather jackets, their wardrobes stand the test of time and will provide versatility and style for all. To get the best leather jacket for men and women, contact us, as we offer a wide variety of options in leather jackets. We provide premium quality leather jackets in Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

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