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Varsity jackets, also known as Letter Man jackets, have a rich history dating back to the 19th century. Firstly, they were worn specially by college athletes to showcase their achievements and team spirit; with time, these jackets transitioned from a sports symbol to a vital fashion statement that excites students and non-students. Bomber jackets also have an interesting origin that tracks back to World War 1. Firstly, Pilots in the military used these jackets for protection and warmth during the mission. In the 20th century, Bomber jackets got into Civilian fashion and became synonymous with edgy or rebellious style.

Regarding classic outwear, iconic styles stand out: the Bomber and varsity jackets. These jackets have a deep history that evolved from timeless fashion pieces. In this blog, we will explore essential characteristics of bomber and varsity jackets that help you understand the differences and ultimately decide to suit your needs and tastes.

Bomber jacket

The bomber leather jacket comes in different styles and colors. It is available in oversized Aviator and vintage styles. You can get bomber leather jackets in different colors and styles, like

  • Brown leather Bomber jacket
  • Black leather Bomber
  • Nylon bomber jacket
  • Polyester bomber jacket
  • Vintage leather Bomber jackets
  • Lambskin bomber jacket
  • Royal blue bomber jacket
  • Hooded bomber jacket

Bomber jackets, also known as flight jackets, have come from the military and have since become a fashion staple.



Materials like polyester, nylon, or leather provide wind resistance, versatility, and durability.


Bomber jackets commonly have a ribbed collar, zip-up front, cuffs, and hem. Bomber jackets can also have different pockets, both inside and outside.


As compared to varsity jackets, bomber jackets have a more trailered and snug fit as this style suits a vast range of outfits from casual to formal


Bombay jackets for both men and women provide a versatile fashion statement. The jackets are known for the timeless and classic look that can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for different events.


This jacket is most commonly associated with American collegiate culture, symbolizing Athletic and academic achievement. It is characterized by specific elements that are as follows,


Traditionally, varsity jackets feature leather, wool body, or faux leather sleeves, but many modern versions use different materials. The whole body is warm, but the leather or faux leather contrasts with a stylish statement.


The most attractive feature of the varsity jacket is the significant symbol or letter on the front indicating the team or school and wearer. These varsity leather jacket also has an interesting fact that they include contrasting stripes at the collar, hem, and cuffs.


Varsity jackets have a more room and relaxed fit that makes them great for layering over hoodies and sweaters.


Varsity jackets reflect school spirit and Nostalgia as they are casual and sporty, making some perfect for a preppy or relaxed look.


The primary difference lies in the materials, as varsity jackets are made of wool body or leather sleeves, while Bomber jackets are commonly made from polyester nylon or leather. Bomber jackets have a simple, practical design, but varsity jackets are characterized by large letters indicating School affiliations. Varsity jackets are loose, providing more place for layering, but on the other hand, Bomber jackets have a more tailored and versatile fit. Bomber jackets are suitable for a broader range of styles, but on the other hand, bomber jackets provide a preppy or sporty vibe tied to school or team spirit.

The choice between a Bomber and a varsity jacket depends on your style and the events for which you plan to wear it. If you want to wear a timeless or versatile piece that can function with different outfits, then a Bomber jacket is the way to go. A varsity jacket is an exceptional choice if you want a spot for your Classic look and have an attachment for a specific school or team. If you wish to wear a Bomber or varsity jacket, both these jackets are reflections of history and strong fashion style. Either way, you are adding a stylish and classic outerwear option. Contact us to get the best genuine leather jackets in the UK and USA. We deliver our jackets in Pennsylvania, Nebraska, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

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