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Buffalo leather differs from other Leathers in inflexibility and thickness, translating into exceptionally comfortable and durable upholstered materials. Its epidermal layer is three times thicker than other Leathers like cowhide. Will Ferrell leather also provide flexibility and strength as it is a potent blend of widely spaced solid and flexible fibers? In short, this leather jacket has its distinct place in the world of leathers. This leather is a testament to durability, elegance, strength, and rugged appearance. Its unique versatility and characteristics have found its way in different applications and industries.


Hides vary with individual animals; when coats are taken to make leather jackets, the animals’ gender, age, and maturity are also considered. Sometimes, some buffaloes are two to three years old. That’s why they are average and small and provide 30 square feet of leather.


Our leather is a stand, which means naked; it is pretty natural, and that’s why it has a great feel to your hand. Our company’s tending process does not include any waterproofing or stand resistance because these details destroy the hand of natural leather and make it stiffer.


The durability of buffalo skin leather jackets is legendary because it is one of the most robust upholstery materials known. Its elasticity and strength provide excellent resistance. They were fellows’ leather is three times thicker as compared to cowhide. Buffalo leather jackets are famous for their exceptional durability as they have an inherent thickness of hide that is combined with the test of time, making it a preferred choice.

Buffalo leather is a natural substance that breathes like our skin and releases and absorbs moisture. Buffalo leather jackets are easy to clean and have a smooth finish that prevents penetration like lint dust or animal hair. This makes an excellent choice for those who are allergic to different conditions. You can clean it with the help of a soapy cloth directly, and you can also use leather conditioners and cleaners. These leather jackets are excellent for annual conditioning as they have developed a rich patina with time, making them unique.

Robustness and thickness

The most notable feature of buffalo leather is that they are robust and thick. The skin of a fellow is naturally denser than other animals, which makes them different and provides a sense of resilience and sturdiness to the leather.


In Buffalo weather, there is the presence of natural oils that contribute to specific water-resistant properties. That’s why these leather jackets are excellent choices for people interested in adventurous life while traveling.

Ages gracefully

This leather type has a remarkable ability to age gracefully, which develops a rich patina with time. It tells a story of experiences and adventures when the Buffalo skin leather jacket wearer interacts with the environment.

Buffalo leather is used in industries like leather goods and accessories, furniture upholstery, and footwear. You can make different types of accessories like handbags, belts, and wallets as it has a robust nature that ensures that these items will look stylish and stand up to daily wear and tear. This leather is also used to make footwear that is water resistant. It is also implied in crafting furniture upholstery, especially for those pieces that need a vintage or rustic aesthetic. The green patterns and the national markings also add a touch of authenticity to chair sofas and other furniture items.

With their unique esthetics, inherent strength, and versatile nature, Buffalo leather jackets continue to captivate those who appreciate the marriage of character and durability. From stylish accessories and timeless furniture to rugged outdoor gear, fellow leather has established itself as a substance that provides style and resilience. This Product stands as a tribute to the enduring beauty of natural craftsmanship. Trendsfort offers different types of leather jackets of premium quality. We deal in various kinds of leather and other colors like blue leather jackets UK and USA, brown leather jackets, black leather jackets, etc. You can get our best leather jacket collection in Ohio, Maine, Virginia, New York, etc.

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